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Technology Mission for post harvest management, marketing and exports                                                     

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Creation of infrastructure facilities for Post-Harvest Management, Marketing and Exports.



Existing schemes of:

  1. NHB
  2. DMI
  3. NCDC          Refer Schemes
  4. APEDA
  5. NAFED



Existing or enhanced outlays



Assistance is proposal based. Proposals have to be submitted to the respective agencies.



Concerned Deptt . in Govt. of India


Directorate of Marketing and Inspection



Marketing infrastructure like:-

-         Wholesale Markets

-         Rural Primary Markets

-         Apni Mandies

-        Agmark- strengthening of grading Laboratories and Agriculture Marketing Information Network

-        Marketing Infrastructure in Cooperative/Private/Joint Sector with the participation of wholesalers, retailers and farmers

Assistance available


-         Wholesale Markets: Rs.50 lakhs/ Mkt.

-         Rural Primary Market -Apni Mandi        Rs.7.50 lakhs/Mkt




In the prescribed format to Directorate of Marketing and Inspections.



Cooperative/Private/Joint  Sector Markets 25% of the total cost- Maximum Rs.60.00 lakhs.

Co-operatives for Marketing of Horticulture Produce





-         For export promotion under its existing schemes.

-         Especially freight subsidy and packaging.



           NAFED and TRIFED



-         NHB will release directly and seek funds from Department of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Government of India.

-         Same in case of others like APEDA, NAFED, and NCDC. Keeping Department of Agriculture and Cooperation informed.


Schemes and Assistance Available

S.No. Name of the Activity Physical Targets Funding agency Central assistance
1. Onfarm handlings 60 NHB 30% subject to maximu of the Rs. 0.50 lacs/units
2. Pack Houses 13 NHB 20% subject to maximum of the Rs. 30.00 lacs/units
3. Cold Storage units 3 NHB 33.33% subject to maximum of the Rs. 60.00 lacs
4. Refrigerated Vans 50 NHB 20% of the total cost or on average Rs. 3.60 lacs/units
5. Wholesale Markets 5 DMI 50.00 lacs
6. Rural Primary Markets 20 DMI 7.5 lacs
7. Apni Mandies 20 DMI 7.5 lacs
8. Grading Laboratories 15 DMI 2.5 lacs.

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