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Introduced an innovative Scheme called Market Intervention Scheme for apples during the Financial Year 2003-2004, 2004-05. The scheme is aimed at : -

  • Support to the Grower for C-grade Apple – procured under the Scheme @ Rs.3/- per kg at his doorsteps
  • Up-grade quality of this major horticulture crop, by ensuring properly graded high quality fruit alone is dispatched to the Markets
  • Promote value addition and processing of the C-Grade apple and make the processing industry competitive in the domestic and International market
  • During 2004-05, scheme extended to Jammu Province for procurement of Sandy Pear.
  • 10,000 Metric tones of fruit procured under the scheme during 2004-05.
  • 15000 Growers in the valley and Rajouri/Poonch District directly benefited
  • Growers of sandy pears for the first time got Rs.3 Kg for their produce, that what otherwise mostly go waste.
        Rates in the market stabilized.
  • Growers have becoming conscious about benefits of grading
  • Indirect benefits to growers on account of saving of packing material, Cost of shooks, Cost of transportation, Arthi commission, etc.
  • Enforcement of Agricultural Produce Market Regulation Act, to regulate the Trade in the Markets located within the State; make these markets self sustaining; financially viable units and provide a broader plate-form for marketing, Quality Control, Infrastructural development and market enhancement Notification issued. CEOS being appointed, Market Regulation will commence from the next final year
  • Diversified the cherry marketing to Terminal markets increasing dispatches to about more than 100% to Mumbai from 3.93 lacs Kg to 6.25 lac Kg this year and accessing the markets in East, West, South & North in the country. Revenue earned from the operation was 20% more than the last year. Position of some of the markets is summarized as under

    Market Variety Dispatch Year
    Delhi Cherry 2082 Lacs Kg. 2003-04
    Delhi Cherry 14.43 Lacs Kg. 2004-05
    Mumbai Cherry 3.53 Lacs Kg. 2003-04
    Mumbai Cherry 6.25 2004-05
    Chandigarh Cherry - 2003-04
    Chandigarh Cherry 5000 Kg 2004-05
    Amritsar Cherry - 2003-04
    Amritsar Cherry 85000 Kg. 2004-05
    Kolkatta Cherry 55000 Kg 2003-04
    Kolkatta Cherry 44580 Kg 2004-05
    Lucknow Cherry - 2003-04
    Lucknow Cherry 4410 Kg 2004-05
    Kanpur Cherry 3240 Kg. 2004-05
    Varanasi Cherry 1680 Kg. 2004-05
    Delhi Plum 18.92 Lacs Kg. 2003-04
    Delhi Plum 18.44 Lacs Kg. 2004-05
    Mumbai Plum 53600 Kg. 2003-04
    Mumbai Plum 4.3 Lacs Kg. 2004-05
    Kolkatta Plum 1.79 Lacs Kg. 2003-04
    Kolkatta Plum 3.91 Lacs Kg. 2004-05
    • Introduced better packaging for cherries for long distance haulage to reduce handling losses. Got the labour charges reduced in the Mumbai Market for handling of cherries. Got the labour charges per box reduced to Rs.0.42/per box from Rs.1.89/box in Mumbai market.
    • Secured Rail/ and Air Quotas for transportation of cherry and introduced Air-Conditioned containers of Container Corporation of India for the first time on Experimental basis. Cherry reached Mumbai in Farm Fresh conditions fetching higher prices.
    • Dispatch of plums to market increased to Kolkatta 3.91 from 1.79 lac Kgs last year.
    • Dispatch of apples to Kolkatta Market increased from 2.04 lac boxes to 14.28 lac boxes. Chandigarh received 2.27 lac boxes, while as Lucknow received 2.32 lac boxes.
    • 5.70 lac boxes of 4 Kg weight of pears were marketed in different markets of the country against 5.31 lac boxes marketed last year
    • Azadpur continued to receive Bulk of Apple. Thus 237 lacs boxes of 18 Kgs arrived at Azadpur Market against 276 lac boxes last year. Mumbai received 10.55 lac boxes compared to 7.20 lac boxes last year. A table indicating arrivals in the major markets is enclosed.
    • Kissan Ghar Delhi is ready to be commissioned and will be inaugurated in the month of April 2005.
    • Kissan Ghar Jammu will be commissioned in the month of June 2005.
    • Two plots of land in prestigious Salt lake city area Kolkatta, whose lease had been terminated by the West Bengal Government have been restored and possession taken over by the department. A Kissan Ghar and a CA Store will be set up on these plots.
    • Satellite markets Kulgam, Shoipan, Charisharief, will be commissioned in the month of May 2005. Satellite markets Handwara, Baramulla, Pulwama, Batingoo and Kupwara will be commissioned in the month of August 2005.
    • 14 proposals for sanction of assistance amounting to Rs.7.50 crores submitted to Directorate of Marketing & Inspections Government of India for satellite markets. The amount will be used for Garbage disposal, Mechanized Movement for movement of goods and machdamisation of internal roads in the satellite markets.
    • 57 proposals of On-Farm Store of growers submitted to NHB for sanction of assistance amounting to Rs.28.50 lacs.
          Under the Diversification of Agriculture, Marketing of vegetables has received a flip and 6800 Metric tones of leafy and non-leafy vegetables have been exported to outside the state
    • Conducted a Buyer-seller meet for the first time in Srinagar. Buyer from Bangladesh, Nepal, Bihar, West Bengal UP. Etc. conducted direct business in Sopore mandi for the first time.
    • Conducted a workshop for introduction of export quality packing Material in collaboration with Reliance Industry and Cello India Ltd. at Srinagar
    • Conducted two workshops in collaboration with consultants appointed by Asian Development Bank
    • Participated in major exhibitions for fruit at Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkatta, Banglore, Chandigarh, Amritsar.
    • Linked up Horticulture Cooperative Sector with NAFAD first time after 14 years.
    • Introduced Computerized DATA dissemination system linking-up all the markets located in the State with Agmark Net of Ministry of Agriculture Govt. of India. 25 Computers installed in various Markets for the purpose.
    • Under MRIN Scheme the Department is setting-up its own portal and server for promotion of marketing through Internet and provide accessibility to all markets. The system will ultimately graduate to Electronic Auctioning.
    • Establishing 17 satellite fruit and vegetable markets at Shopian, Pulwama, Batingoo Anantnag, Kulgam, Chrarishrief Budgam, Baramulla, Handwara, Kupwara, Leh, Kargil, Batote Doda, Udhampur, Bishna, Samba, Kathua, Poonch and Rajouri besides one terminal market at Qazigund and Grain mandi at Diansar Bari Brahmna in the state at an outlay of Rs.44.26 crores.
    • 596 shop sites released to Growers/traders at Nowpora Sopore. Market turnover increased from Rs.59.49 crores of 2002-03 to Rs.79.66 crores during 2003-04 at Nowpora Sopore with marked increase in Number of traders, outside buyers and net returns on fruit. Notification for allotment of shop sites in respect of six satellite fruit and vegetable markets of Kulgam, Shopian, Pulwama, Chrarishrief, Baramulla and Handwara issued and acquisition proceedings/ development works at various sites are in progress.
    • To educate fruit growers about latest post production techniques in growing zones and create awareness in consumers regarding Kashmir fruits under Sales promotion, grower training 30 camps & 6 fruit shows & fairs arranged during 2004-05 only. The programme has markedly helped in product presentation and popularization with diversification to other potential markets improving net returns
    • Exports of Walnuts in Nuts & Kernals crossed Rs.110.00 Crores during 2003-04.


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